Leicestershire is unique as the only authority offering Middle school provision for 10-14 year-olds. This forms part of the Secondary phase in parts of the authority including areas in Leicester and Loughborough. The Schools are termed "High Schools" within the authority, and run alongside the county's provision of 11-14 High Schools and 14-18 Upper Schools - almost the predecessors to Middle Schools in a structure first devised in the late 1950s. 

A review of provision led to agreement in late 2007 that the authority would pursue options to return to two-tier education. The process began with the changing of Belvior 10-14 High School to an 11-16 Secondary in 2008.

The remaining groups of schools all have plans to reorganise along two-tier lines.

Castle Donington College, Gartree High School and Manor High School will re-organise as 11-16 secondary schools in 2017.

Shepshed High School will merge with Hind Leys College to become an 11-18 school.

Middle Schools in Leicestershire